b. 1988.

Norwegian-Singaporean artist and printmaker based in Oslo.

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My artistic practice encompasses printmaking techniques ranging from stone lithography to photogravure and monotype.

As a result of my Eurasian heritage, being born to a Norwegian father and a Chinese-Singaporean mother, I am interested in the historical and current relations between Europe and Asia. My art explores themes including the Silk Road trade, colonialism and the arbitrary taxonomy of ethnicities and cultures through means of photography, print and mapping. Directly referencing my own family’s history of migration, I also discuss diasporic memory within the Chinese diaspora. How does the abandoned homeland grow into a source of nostalgia, longing and myth, and how are these narratives passed down to the next generation?



2017-2019: MFA Medium- and Material Based Art, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
2014-2017: BFA Medium- and Material Based Art, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
2012-2014: Diploma in Visual Arts, Nordic Institute of Stage and Studio (NISS), Oslo
2009-2012: BA History of Art with Material Studies, University College London (UCL)


2019-2020: Artist in Residence and workshop assistant, Department of Printmaking and Drawing, Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Group exhibitions 


2020 Peder Balke-senteret, Østre Toten (11.07 - 23.08)
2020 Hå Gamle Prestegård, Stavanger (18.01-15.03)
2020 Print Matters, Ålgården, Borås, Sweden (Opening 18.01.2020)
2019 Print Matters, Grafiska Sällskapet, Stockholm, Sweden (23.11 - 17.12
2019 KoMASK Masters Salon Printmaking,
Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium (15.11-26.11)

Current and previous exhibitions

2019    Graphica Creativa 2019 – “Hereafter” (15th International Print Triennial), Jyväskylä Art Museum, Finland
2019 Sticks and Stones, Konstlitografiska Museet, Tidaholm, Sweden
2019 Statens Kunstutstilling, Høstutstillingen (The National Art Exhibition, The Autumn Exhibition), Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
2019    MFA Graduate Show: A Better Past is Still Possible, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
2019    7th Guanlan International Print Biennial, China Printmaking Museum, Shenzhen
2019    A Lick and a Promise, Kunstplass Contemporary Art [Oslo]
2018    Sit on a Stone Rather Than a Pillow, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
2018    Original COPY, Galleri Seilduken, Oslo
2018    Frekvens vol. 2, Norske Grafikere, Oslo (hosted by Krausekollektivet)
2017    Paper Trails, Robert Burt Gallery, London
2017    Dronning Sonja KunstStall, Oslo
2017    BFA Graduate Show, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
2017    Unge grafikere (Young Printmakers), Oppegård kunstforening, Kolbotn
2015    ER, Galleri Seilduken, Oslo (with Embla Øverbye)
2015    Frekvens, Podium, Oslo (hosted by Krausekollektivet)
2012    Norwegian Contemporary, Frameless Gallery, London



Norske grafikere / Norwegian Printmakers (Deputy board member 2018 – 2020)
Norske billedkunstnere (NBK) / The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists


Awards and nominations

2019 Winner of Norske Grafikeres Fonds Printmaking Award at The National Art Exhibition (Høstutstillingen)
2019    Nominee KoMASK International Masters Printmaking Award and Exhibition 
2017    Nominee Kjell Nupen Memorial Grant 2017



2019    Diversestipend for nyutdannede kunstnere, Kulturrådet (Grant for recently graduated artists, Arts Council Norway)
2018    BKH Kunststudentstipend (BKH Grant for Art Students)
2014    NISS Visual Arts “Student of the Year” Award and Grant



2019 REV Ocean
2019 Johan Strays Stiftelse (Johan Stray’s Foundation)
2018 Norsk Forening for Grafisk Kunst (Norwegian Association for Graphic Art)
2017 HM Queen Sonja’s Print Collection
2017 Oppegård kunstforening (Oppegård Association of Art)


Projects and Commissions

2018    Norsk Grafisk Forening, contribution of 100 prints to the annual Members’ folder
2018    “Kunsten å være norsk”, an art series by Kitchen for FinansForbundet: https://www.finansforbundet.no/kunstenavaerenorsk/