b. 1988 Norwegian-Singaporean artist based in Oslo.

How do I, the European offspring of a Chinese Diaspora, create a vision of a culture I only possess fragmentary knowledge of? How can I tell my ancestors’ stories when they have become cultural Others to me, in which I replace gaps in my cultural understanding with stereotypes?



2017- : MFA Candidate in Medium- and Material Based Art, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
2014-2017: BFA Medium- and Material Based Art (Printmaking and Drawing), Oslo National Academy of the Arts
2012-2014: Diploma in Visual Arts, Nordic Institute of Stage and Studio (NISS), Oslo
2009-2012: BA History of Art with Material Studies, University College London (UCL)


Group exhibitions 

Oct 2017: Paper Trails, Robert Burt Gallery, London
July-Sept 2017: Dronning Sonja KunstStall, Oslo
May 2017: BFA Graduate Show, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
March 2017: Unge grafikere (Young Printmakers), Oppegård kunstforening, Kolbotn
Oct 2015: ER, Galleri Seilduken, Oslo (with Embla Øverbye)
June 2015: Frekvens, Podium, Oslo (hosted by Krause Kollektivet)
June 2012: Norwegian Contemporary, Frameless Gallery, London


Awards and nominations

Jan 2017: Kjell Nupen Memorial Grant 2017 (nominee)
June 2014: NISS Visual Arts Student of the Year Award (winner)



Oppegård kunstforening (Oppegård Association of Art)